Sealed With A Kiss

February 11, 2016

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Photographer - Danson Lee 
Photo Editing - Olivia Yuen

Happy Thursday Everyone! In my previous post, I mentioned that I will be putting together three looks that will help express a few different feelings that come with love. This second look that I have put together resembles tough love. This is the kind of love that can be sweet and fun, but it can also consume someone and change them into a rebel and be reckless. To help translate this tough love, I paired together a white lace top, pink mesh a-line skirt and silver sparkly baubles shows the sweet and fun side, while the leather jacket shows the rebel and reckless side. To say goodbye to this kind of love, I sealed it with a kiss on my clutch. Special thanks to my friends at The Shopping Bag for helping me translate this look with their lovely "Mesh A-Line Skirt" and adorable "Sealed With a Kiss" clutch. Whether you are have a girls night in/out, date night, or flying solo check out The Shopping Bag for some Valentine's Day outfit ideas. A few of my favorites are the Wink Pink Shift Dress-here, the Heart Eyelash Sweater-here, and the Ace of Hearts Clutch-here. To receive 25% off your full purchase you can use promo code LAPETITEOLIVIA. Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for the third look! I will talk to you soon!


 Mesh A-Line Midi Skirt - The Shopping Bag, PROMO CODE: LAPETITEOLIVIA for 25% off
Sealed With A Kiss Clutch - The Shopping Bag, , PROMO CODE: LAPETITEOLIVIA for 25% off


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