Love At First Sight

February 19, 2016

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Photographer - Danson Lee
Photo Editing - Olivia Yuen

Happy Friday! Referring to the last two posts, I mentioned I will be creating three looks that expresses a few different feelings that come with love. I also mentioned that these feelings came from personal experiences and speaking with others and hearing their stories so I will leave it to your imagination to what is personal. Today's third and final look expresses love at first sight. The feeling when someone feels like they have been struck by cupid's arrow and suddenly the light only shines on that one person. To translate this feeling of passion into an ensemble, I chose a bright red dress with bow detailing and red roses and heart balloons as accessories. This completes the series of Valentine's Day outfits. Thank you so much for reading! I will talk to you soon!


Dress - Asos
Clutch - Zara
Shoes - Asos


1 comment:

  1. Your dress is just the cutest!