Floral Anniversaire

July 17, 2015

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Photographer - Tazme Moua
Photo Editing - Olivia Yuen

Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome to my 23rd Birthday Party! If you are a regular follower or reader, you may have read many times throughout my posts that I love set design and visual communications (aside from styling and fashion). The thing I love about set design and styling is that it helps communicate a story. It is a form of self-expression that allows you to play around with your creative juices. Last year, I had a so much fun creating a whimsical set for my 22nd birthday, TwoTwo Wonderland. For my 23rd birthday shoot this year, I wanted it to slightly reflect on something I discovered about myself through this year with a mix of Pinterest inspiration. Over the year, I grew a little wiser, matured in my personal style (it is still a growing process), and I found a new love and hobby for floral arrangements. Looking through Pinterest for inspiration for the shoot, I found a picture of a wall flower and I thought that would be a great way to translate my new found love for floral arrangements! With this idea, it gradually blossomed into a flower themed photoshoot. I chose this lace romper for the look because I thought it was the perfect combination of what I was going for-feminine with a touch of bohemian. The lace fabric gave the look a more feminine feel while the lace up detailing and the bell sleeves gave it a more bohemian vibe. Of course, it wouldn’t be a flower photoshoot without a flower crown! :) With the remaining fresh flowers, I hand made a flower crown that tied well into the whole theme. I paired the rest of the look with light pink jeweled sandals and some simple jewelry. I chose my favorite Fonuts (A donut that is baked and/or steamed, never fried.) to be my cake this year because I wanted something fun, different, and more variety. If could sum up my year of being 22 in two words, it would be uncertainty and adventure. I say uncertainty because there is a constant mind or direction change in things. I guess it’s just another part of the “awkward 20’s”. On the other hand, it has been a year of crazy adventures, trying new things, meeting new people, and just making memories with amazing friends. Cheers to another year of awkward 20’s filled with adventures with wonderful people, creativity, food, love, opportunities, and growth! Thank you so much for stopping by the party! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all soon!


Romper - Asos
Earrings - Topshop
Ring - Topshop
Flower Crown - Made by yours truly :)
Shoes - Zara



  1. Happy Birthday! You did an amazing job of styling this shoot! Everything is so pretty! (Including you!)
    Jeans and a Teacup

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