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January 2, 2015

Happy 2015 Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful start to 2015! Every new year, I always like to reflect on the previous year to see how much I have grown and how much of the goals I have accomplished since the beginning of the year. The goals I set for 2014 were to stay healthy, stay positive, surround myself with positive like-minded people, say yes a little more, and keep chasing my dreams. I started seeing a few changes as I knocked each goal off the list. I have always shy away from saying yes to things, whether it be hanging out with a group of friends, taking up on an opportunity that could possibly be good, and so forth. Saying YES was probably my biggest accomplishment in 2014. It has lead me to so many new opportunities and priceless experiences which also lead me to meet more positive, creative and like-minded people. By surrounding myself with these positive, creative, and like-minded people, they have inspired me to work harder and keep chasing my dreams. Everything just seemed to happened in a domino effect. One important thing I learned in 2014 was to be more assertive in life. I find it very important in life as you grow older to know when to speak up for yourself and state what you want. My goals for 2015 are to continue my goals from 2014, but I do want to add on a few extra goals which I will talk about below along with my new blog name.

New Blog Name/Blog Goals:
This past year and a half, I have been contemplating and soul searching for a new blog name that  represents me because I felt that "Morning Blush" wasn't sticking and it was just too vague. Changing my blog name for me was big deal because I have had "Morning Blush" for almost 3 years now. This time around, I wanted to make sure the blog name would be permanent, had a nice ring to it and also included my name "Olivia." One night without really thinking about my blog, I had an epiphany to change my blog name to "La Petite Olivia," translated in English "The Small Olivia." If you meet me in person you would probably say something along the lines of, "You are so small, petite or tiny." So I decided "La Petite Olivia" was the one. I immediately started playing with a few fonts and came up with the banner that is now result the result on the blog. In 2014, I played a lot more with my creative juice on my blog and throughout I realized I love the whole visual components of styling meaning not only do I love pairing together clothes, hair and makeup, but I also fell in love with set design and scouting out shoot locations. By discovering this, I fell in love with blogging more than before. My 2015 goal for my blog is to just dive in, focus a lot more on my blog, and temper a lot more with set design. Maybe do a themed shoot or holiday shoot here and there. :)  I am excited to share this new chapter with you all!

 What are your goals or resolutions for 2015? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear about them! :)
I wish you all happiness in 2015! Thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon!


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  1. Hi Olivia! I'm excited to see what projects and changes you make to your blog in 2015. So far, I love the layout of your blog - it's so nice and clean, and the photographs are beyond beautiful! My (blog) goals for 2015 are to post content on a regular basis, and also to network with the blogging community (Nothing too fancy yet since I'm just getting started!) Personal wise - I'm aiming to land a new, amazing job, and to capture and appreciate all the positive moments and experiences in my life - which goes hand in hand with blogging!