Chasing the Sun

September 4, 2014

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Photographer - Tazme Moua
Photo Editing - Olivia Yuen

Happy Friday Everyone! With summer nearly coming to an end this month, I thought it would be necessary to style one more summer outfit. Although, I may throw in a fun outfit that is not fall nor summer related before I transition into fall attire. You will just have to stay tuned. :) What better way than to wrap up summer with polka dots, stripes, and a Sunday Funday tee shirt alongside the pier? I wanted to end my summer blog post on a carefree and positive note. I recently heard Hilary Duff's new single "Chasing the Sun" and fell in love with with the carefree, positive, and infinite message it sent. I thought it was the perfect song to end the summer to. Oh and if you did not notice, I dyed my hair back to black. I am happy I tried out a new hair color because it taught me that hair is like makeup, it is an accessory and a finishing touch to an ensemble. It aids in creating and unifying a look.

On a more heart to heart level, this past month for me has been hectic and eventful. All I can say is that it reminded me why I am such a strong believer that "everything happens for a reason". I just really want to remind my fellow followers and readers that in life there is always going to be a lot of twists and turns and change is inevitable, but remember to always take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You will get a clearer view. Simply, sometimes you just have to let it go, move on and say C'est La Vie.

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon! :)


Top -
Skirt - Zara
Headband - Asos
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Zara


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  1. Cute photos!! Love your top! ♥ Would you like to follow each other? :) xx